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Feeling good about yourself is very important while going through chemotherapy, radiation treatments, or any other life-threatening or life-altering illness. The owners Debby Basher and Lisa Keenan understands your needs, and have taken exceptional care in selecting affordable and comforting products that we know will make you feel good while caring for yourself, a family member or a friend. Come share with us the indomitable spirit in women that will not allow us to quit. We will be honored to participate in your wellness- that is our inspiration.
Appointments are necessary because you are important to us and deserve time just for you. Consider making an appointment for a one-on-one consultation. All of our consultations are FREE.
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Debby Basher and Lisa Keenan - Owners
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A Wig That Fits You
Choose the right wig for you from the large assortment we always have in stock. All wigs are made of high-quality synthetic and heat resistant fibers for a natural look.
If we don't have the wig in the colors and size that you select they can be ordered and delivered in less than a week. To help keep your wigs looking great, we sell a full line of wig products.
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